Popular Solutions

API Connections

Unleash the power of your data and allow your applications to talk to each other with Cloudsnap platform. Remove barriers within your organization and allow information to be easily shared and consumed. Eliminate error-prone business processes such as excel exports that are manually reimported into other apps.

Training data integration

Seamlessly integrate your learning management system (LMS) with the rest of your applications. Allow your training data to flow freely into other HR applications. Save thousands of dollars by eliminating manual data entry.

Modernization of on-prem systems

Rejuvenate legacy systems that are not easily connected to your newer applications. Cloudsnap is built with legacy systems in mind and has the features to build out these connections with ease. Let us save you millions in development costs when legacy integration is a must.

Integration with CRM apps

Increase revenue by boosting the efficiency of your customer on-boarding process. Cloudsnap unleashes the functionality of apps like SalesForce and gives you the means to bring new customer data into your ERP, accounting package and project management software with ease.

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