With Cloudsnap, you get the built-in scalability, flexibility and security of a modern integration platform combined with access to human expertise.

Flexible Software Platform…

Connect legacy, on-prem and modern, cloud applications. Map data to custom endpoints and fields. Incorporate custom business logic into your workflows.

That Scales with Your Business…

Build unlimited workflows. Connect an unlimited number of applications. Process data in real-time.

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With the Security You Expect…

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Granular roles and access controls. Custom identity management, including SAML for SSO.

And a Do-It-With-You Model.

Direct interaction with our automation engineers who have experience with more than 75 enterprise applications and have built more than 1,500 custom workflows on behalf of customers.

Commonly Mapped Fields

Concur Expense
  • Employees
  • Lists
  • Expense Report Number
  • Expense Report Amount
  • Expense Report Image
  • Reimbursement
  • Goods Receipt
  • Vendors
  • Departments
  • Journal Entry/AP Bill
  • Amount
  • Receipt Images
  • Employees
HR System
  • Employees
  • Cost Center
  • Manager / Hierarchy

Commonly Automated Processes

  • Approved expense reports from Concur Expense —> Acumatica AP bill / journal entry  
  • Approved expense reimbursement data from Concur Expense —> Acumatica vendor payment  
  • Expense receipt images from Concur Expense —> Acumatica  
  • Employees from HR system —> Concur Expense and / or Acumatica as user / vendor  
  • Employees from Acumatica —> Concur Expense users  
  • Expense report approvers from Acumatica / or HR system —> Concur Expense  
  • Customer, department, project lists (or other lists) from Acumatica —> Concur Expense 

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