Spindrift Picks Cloudsnap to Keep Their
Inventory (and Back Office) Fresh

Applications connected

Spindrift is America’s first sparkling water made with just real squeezed fruit.

Business processes we automate and applications we connect:

  • Inventory management: Fishbowl + Quickbooks
  • Expense and invoice management: Concur Expense + Concur Invoice + Quickbooks

Spindrift’s Problem:

  • Spindrift experienced 1000% revenue growth from March 2015 to March 2018, and as they grew, they needed to implement modern applications to better control inventory and to better control spend. The roll-out of new applications improved their business, but the applications were siloed and data was out of sync.

Cloudsnap solution:

  • Cloudsnap custom-built four workflows across the five applications to ensure that all invoices are synced, all vendors are synced, all expense batches are synced and all payments are made in a timely manner
  • These custom-built workflows were built, tested and re-tested to meet Spindrift’s stringent quality standards and its global supply chain (for example, their mangoes come from India!)