The Cloudsnap


connect anything

Connect any application
No API necessary
Make your apps come alive!

Connect to the applications you have on premises with the Cloudsnap Agent. Your apps don’t need to have an API and they can even be legacy applications. You don’t have to change your existing apps, just install the agent and let it do the work for you! We found that customers who use this increase the ROI of their legacy apps by 300%.

The Cloudsnap Agent talks with the Cloudsnap system by using shared TLS certificates over WebSockets.

Highly Configurable

You are in complete control of what goes into the Agent and what comes out. Set which databases, tables, or queries the Agent has access to. You command what it can read and what it can write.

highly Secure

Since the Cloudsnap Agent lives and is setup on premise, no authentication ever leaves the facility. The only access the Cloudsnap system has to your data is what you tell the Agent to supply.