A 360° view of your customers

Identify potential upsells, high value or at-risk customers and keep them coming back for more

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Popular Integrations:

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A unified view of your customers

Cloudsnap automatically generates a central view of your business' most important metrics and allows you to slice and dice that information to gain insight on how your customers are doing.

With a full view of your customer, you can make better decisions to help increase retention, adoption and overall customer lifetime value of your customers.

Cross platform integrations

Stop wasting time tracking important customer interactions across applications and databases. Cloudsnap brings it all together so you can get insight into the wellbeing of your customers.

Automatically up to date

Cloudsnap integrates with your existing systems for billing, sales, marketing, customer service and communication and updates all of your customer information as it happens.

Bring your own data

Do you have a product or service? You can add your own data sources using the Cloudsnap API and view important product usage data to your customer views.

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